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J Kramer Hare


About the Author

Justin Kramer Hare is a native of Pittsburgh, PA where he currently lives and writes. After receiving a BA in economics from Washington University in St. Louis, he moved to Denver, CO where he spent a brief stint in consulting. He then returned to his hometown where he spent a little over a year working in human services. He is currently pursuing writing full time.


J Kramer's literary influences range from the metatextual experimentations of Flann O'Brien and Italo Calvino to the shrewd and cutting satire of Sinclair Lewis to the gorgeous sonics of Virginia Woolf. Among poets, WB Yeats, Hart Crane, Seamus Heaney, Derek Walcott, and Louise Glück stand out as favorites.

Beyond writing, he is interested in philosophy, politics, jazz, rock climbing, fashion, architecture, and more.


Find his poetry and other writing here, alongside day-to-day thoughts and updates on his work.

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