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Poem: "Parade [Art Installations]"

My Poem, "Parade [Art Installations]" is now available to read in miniMag Issue 101. I will have a few more pieces coming out with miniMag in the coming weeks, so be sure to look out for those. You can read the poem, which appears on page 2 of the issue, here. I've included an excerpt below.

Parade [Art Installations]

The wind is over-strong and so

balloons are left half-inflated—

Snoopy’s nose caves in, and his paw

drags feebly along the pavement.

On either side: bodies pack in,

retained by frosty rent-a-fence. [

Imagine an installation:

a wide wall painted black, a grid

of porcelain noses affixed,

as if cold bodies are ghosting

through the wall, but only make it

nose-far before their magic’s spent...

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