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Poem: "There Are Thin Green Shoots"

My poem, "There Are Thin Green Shoots" is now online with the publication of Untenured Issue 2.3.

The poem appears on page 44 of the issue but as always I hope you will spend some time with all of the included pieces, as well as the excellent art. Many thanks to the editors of Untenured for including me and curating such a great collection. You can read the issue here.

This poem was inspired by an experience I had this past summer living in Pittsburgh's east end which, as any of its residents can tell you, is chock-full of deer. Here is a taste of the first few lines:

There Are Thin Green Shoots

emerging where the deer reposed,

poking past the grasses she had matted,

her four limbs tucked

between her torso and the earth...

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