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Poem: "Triptych: Squashed Bird on Driveway"

I am happy to announce that my poem, "Triptych: Squashed Bird on Driveway" is now online at Quibble Lit. This poem will also be coming out in print as part of Volume I of the Quibble Quarterly. The print edition will be available for purchase in late March of this year, but you can pre-order now at a 25% discount!

This is my first published piece that will be available in print, so I am very excited to be included in the Quibble Quarterly alongside other impressive writing and art. I am extremely grateful to anyone who is interested in purchasing the print edition.

Without further ado, you can read my poem, "Triptych: Squashed Bird on Driveway" here.

Triptych: Squashed Bird on Driveway


It's still sitting there -

if you can call it that -

neither "sitting," nor "resting," nor

"lying down" can quite

convey its lack of life.

Suffice to say: it's there...

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