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Tiny Steps: a Jazz Haiku Microchap

I recently came across the Origami Poems Project and was inspired to make use of their format for "micro-chapbooks" that can be printed on standard letter paper and folded origami-style into a miniature book.

For my own microchap, I decided to feature a selection of my jazz haiku, several of which are featured in Jerry Jazz Musician's 2024 Jazz Haiku Collection, alongside some never before seen additions (thank you again to Jerry Jazz Musician for supporting my work).

If you are interested in printing out a copy for yourself, you can find a pdf at the bottom of this post. Instructions for folding can be found here.

Additionally, I plan on littering (in the legal sense) some copies around Pittsburgh, so be on the lookout if you are a fellow yinzer!

Download PDF • 73KB

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