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Forthcoming Poetry Roundup

I've gotten some good news regarding accepted poems over the past week or so, so I thought I'd collect all the updates in a single post.

  • "Re: Little Green Men," a piece I wrote in response to the UFO/UAP fever that has gripped popular culture and discourse over the past couple of years (did you notice how many superbowl ads featured aliens?), is forthcoming in Millennial Pulp, Volume 4 in the spring or summer of this year. I will provide another update when the publishing date is finalized. This publication is exclusively available in print, so I am planning to post the full poem here on the blog once the issue has been out for a while.

  • "It Still Comes To Mind," a poem about my experience participating in my middle school's annual "Holocaust Museum" capstone project for the eight grade, is forthcoming in the Clackamas Literary Review in early May. This will also be a print exclusive.

  • "Parade [Art Installations]," "Something's Rotten in the State of Oz," and "Join our Club," will be out in miniMag, Issues 101, 102, and 104, respectively, in June.

  • Finally, a reminder that "When Lovely Words Will Not Appear" will be out in Uppagus in May and that the print version of Quibble Quarterly, Volume 1, in which my poem "Triptych: Squashed Bird on Driveway" is featured, will be available in late March.

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